A framework of practices supporting the reuse of technological knowledge
Artikel i vetenskaplig tidskrift, 2019

Technology-intensive companies invest considerable of resources in product development to bring competitive products to market. Since market demand is continuously changing, the capability to renew offerings quickly and at low cost is an important source of competitive advantage. Even if components and designs may need to be updated when releasing new products, their underlying technologies and designs can usually be reused to enable fast and cost-efficient development. To be proficient in practices that support reuse of technologies thus constitutes an important organizational capability, but identifying and assessing these practices has not been a straightforward task for technology developers and managers. This paper presents a literature review regarding technology reuse in four main dimensions; Strategy, Process, Culture, and Information Technology. The dimensions are further decomposed into a framework with twelve principles that supports this technology reuse capability, including technology platform strategy and reusability assessment. Besides providing a theoretical overview of practices supporting the reuse of technology, the framework can also be used in practice to facilitate the assessment of the current reuse capability of an organization. Industrial cases, illustrating real technology development issues, are used to highlight the principles of the framework. Further, a self-assessment scorecard is demonstrated with data from two companies that develop and manufacture high-tech products.

Technology platforms

Design for reuse

Technology assessment

Technology management

Knowledge management

Design by reuse


Daniel Stenholm

Chalmers, Industri- och materialvetenskap, Produktutveckling

Daniel Corin Stig

White Label Agency

Lars Ivansen

Mycronic AB

Dag Henrik Bergsjö

Chalmers, Industri- och materialvetenskap, Produktutveckling

Environment Systems & Decisions

2194-5403 (ISSN) 2194-5411 (eISSN)

Vol. 39 2 128-145


Produktionsteknik, arbetsvetenskap och ergonomi

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