Towards the Limits of Vibration Attenuation in Drivetrain System by Torsional Dynamics Absorber
Paper i proceeding, 2020

Automotive industry drives development towards down-sized and down-speeded engines and higher cylinder pressure. This leads to increased torsional vibrations and therefore puts higher demands on the drivetrain vibration capabilities. The paper presents the results on the study of the limits of torsional dynamics absorbers for vibration attenuation in drivetrain systems obtained by using global sensitivity analysis and multiobjective optimization. The global sensitivity analysis comes with a mapping between the total sensitivity indices of the vibration attenuation measures of a drivetrain system and mass-inertia, stiffness and damping parameters of a torsional dynamics absorber. The multiobjective optimization is resulted in Pareto fronts showing the trade-off between the measures of vibration attenuation and energy losses making possible to identify the limits of the quality of performance of a torsional vibration absorber for a drivetrain system operating on a set of engine input loads. Detailed numerical results are presented on study of application of a dual mass flywheel for heavy-duty truck drivetrain systems in operating engine speed range up to 2000 rpm. The third engine order vibration harmonic is in focus of analysis as one of the most significant contribution to the oscillatory response in drivetrains of heavy-duty trucks.

Vibration Drivetrain system Torsional dynamics absorber Dual mass flywheel Global sensitivity analysis Pareto optimization


Viktor Berbyuk

Chalmers, Mekanik och maritima vetenskaper, Dynamik

Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering

2195-4356 (ISSN) 2195-4364 (eISSN)

Vol. 2020 1574-1583
9783030380762 (ISBN)

26th Symposium of the International Association of Vehicle System Dynamics, IAVSD 2019
Gothenburg, Sweden,

Minskade transmissionsvibrationer – minskad energiåtgång och miljöpåverkan ihop med ökad konkurrenskraft

Energimyndigheten (ScaniaCVAB), 2016-04-01 -- 2020-03-31.



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