Energy-optimal control of human leg in swing phase
Paper i proceeding, 1995

The mathematical model and efficient algorithm for designing the energy-optimal controlled processes of a human leg in the swing phase are proposed. This algorithm is based on special conversion of the optimal control problem for nonlinear dynamical system modeled a human leg into a standard nonlinear programming problem. The objective function for the optimization algorithm is the integral over swing phase's time from the sum of the mechanical power absolute values for all controlling stimuli. A number of the energy-optimal controlled processes of a human leg under different boundary conditions and restrictions on phase coordinates have been obtained. The kinematical and dynamical characteristics of obtained optimal controlled processes are compared with respective characteristics of a human leg's swing phase during normal gait.

Nonlinear programming

Human leg motion

Energy-optimal control


Viktor Berbyuk

National Academy of Sciences in Ukraine

Biomechanics Seminar

1100-2247 (ISSN)

Vol. 9 32-49

The Ninth Biomechanics Seminar
Göteborg, Sweden,





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