Time-optimal control of semi-passively actuated closed-loop chain robots
Paper i proceeding, 2002

The controlled motions of a new structure of closed-loop chain robots with different degrees and types of actuation are under the study. An optimization approach has been used to investigate the advantages of using overactuation and unpowered spring-damper-like drives for the robots performing pick-and-place operations. Solution of several variants of a time-optimal control problem has been obtained for considered semi-passively actuated robots. Emphasis is put on the study of interaction between the controlling stimuli of powered drives and the torques exerted by unpowered drives needed to provide time-optimal motion of fully actuated and overactuated robots. Analysis of simulation results has shown that the quickness of the robots performing pick-and-place operations can be considerably increased due to overactuation and optimal dynamic interaction between powered and unpowered drives. Obtained results can be used for optimization of performance of robotic systems.

powered and unpowered drives

spring-damper actuators

closed-loop chain robot

time-optimal control


Viktor Berbyuk

Chalmers, Institutionen för maskin- och fordonssystem, Mekaniska system

Mathias R Lidberg

Chalmers, Institutionen för maskin- och fordonssystem, Mekaniska system

Proceedings of the 33rd ISR (International Symposium on Robotics), October 7-11, 2002, Stockholm, Sweden, 2002,




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