Increasing operational flexibility using Industry 4.0 enabling technologies in final assembly
Paper i proceeding, 2020

The Manufacturing industry is facing major with growing competition and increasing demands from customers. This presents new challenges for companies,especially with final assembly operations to cope with these changing scenarios. One way to cope with these changes and
respond to increasing demands is to enhance operational flexibility. Operational flexibility can be influenced in many different ways. One way is to enhance the source of operational flexibility. This enhancement can be done using Industry 4.0 enabling technologies. This paper presents various Industry 4.0 enabling technologies that can be used as a tool to increase operational flexibility in final assembly.
The technologies presented in this paper are based on proven examples of their application in either final assembly or for increasing flexibility.

Final Assembly

Industry 4.0

Operational Flexibility



Omkar Salunkhe

Chalmers, Industri- och materialvetenskap, Produktionssystem

Åsa Fasth Berglund

Chalmers, Industri- och materialvetenskap, Produktionssystem

IEEE Transactions on Communication Technology

0018-9332 (ISSN)

9781728170374 (ISBN)

ICE/IEEE ITMC Conference 2020
Cardiff University (Virtually), United Kingdom,

Nationell Testbädd Smart Produktion - huvudprojekt

VINNOVA (2017-05208), 2017-12-01 -- 2020-11-30.


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