Structural Dynamics Control, Third Edition
Bok, 2020

Structural dynamics and especially one of its main problems, vibrations and vibration control, appear in vehicle engineering, high precision machines and mechanisms, robotics, civil engineering, wind turbines, biomechanics, and others. Over the last decades there has been much work concerned with the vibration control of different dynamical systems. The texbook “Structural Dynamics Control” aims at providing knowledge on modern methods and concepts of passive, semi-active and active vibration control, to cross the bridge between structural dynamics and control engineering, while providing an overview of the potential of smart materials, (magnetorheological fluids, magnetostrictive materials, and others), for sensing and actuating purposes in active vibration control. One of the aims of this textbook is to provide students and engineers with opportunity of becoming familiar with the standard methods of the classical calculus of variations, the linear quadratic regulator optimization methods, and modern optimal control theory with focus on their applications in structural dynamics for vibration attenuation and vibration suppression problems. The textbook consists of four main parts: Vibration dynamics, Passive and semi-active vibration control, Active and hybrid vibration control, and Applications. The textbook ends with the supplementary mathematics, list of Matlab codes and answers and hints for the exercises. The list of references consists of only those books and scientific papers which were used during preparation of the textbook or which have been recommended to stundents for additional information on a studied topic. The textbook is aimed at first towards graduate and postgraduate students following Master and PhD programmes related to structural dynamics, mechatronics, control engineering, automotive engineering, noise and vibrations. The only prerequisite for reading this book is basic knowledge in mechanics and some familiarity with vibrations, state space models and automatic control.

Vibration control

Smart materials

Wind turbines

Vehicle dynamics

Structural dynamics

Vibration dynamics



Optimal control


Viktor Berbyuk

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Robust och optimerad synkronisering av växellådor

VINNOVA, 2013-08-01 -- 2016-07-31.

Minskade transmissionsvibrationer – minskad energiåtgång och miljöpåverkan ihop med ökad konkurrenskraft

Energimyndigheten, 2016-04-01 -- 2020-03-31.

Noll Vibrationsskador steg 3

VINNOVA, 2017-11-14 -- 2019-11-30.


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