From Social Institution to Knowledge Business
Kapitel i bok, 2009

This chapter analyzes the main results, in terms of the four horizontal themes, namely ‘Emergent Strategies; Diversification and Specialization; Rethinking University-Industry Relations; and ‘Reflections’ This part of the chapter focuses upon what we have learnt theoretically and empirically about European universities learning to compete, through this book. The main focus of this chapter is on the implications for the future, of this new competitive regime, as universities, institutes of technologies and colleges move from social institutions to knowledge businesses. The future implications are presented in terms of restructuring the university sector at the macro level and in terms of strategies at the micro level. Hence, these conclusions are particularly relevant both for public policy and for decision-makers within universities, at all levels ranging from heads of research groups to vice chancellors and presidents.

knowledge-based services

European universities

university competition


Enrico Deiaco

Tomas McKelvey

Göteborgs universitet

McKelvey, M. and M. Holmén (2009). Learning to Compete European Universities: From Social Institutions to Knowledge Business





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