Hanna Holmquist

Doctoral Student at Environmental Systems Analysis

Since the autumn 2013 Hanna is a PhD student at Chalmers. Hanna’s research is about environmental and health assessment of impregnation chemicals for textiles. The research includes environmental and health assessment of the alternatives to long-chain per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS). Diffuse emissions and emissions via wastewater treatment plants are in focus. The research methodologies used include hazard assessment, chemical risk assessment and life cycle assessment (LCA). Hanna is particularly interested in how LCA and quantitative chemical risk assessment can be combined in environmental and health assessments in chemical substitution cases.Hanna is part of the Chalmers team working in the Formas-funded project Substitution of prioritized poly- and perfluorinated chemicals to eliminate diffuse sources (SUPFES), http://supfes.eu/

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An (Eco)Toxicity Life Cycle Impact Assessment Framework for Per- And Polyfluoroalkyl Substances

Hanna Holmquist, Peter Fantke, Ian T. Cousins et al
Environmental Science & Technology. Vol. 54 (10), p. 6224-6234
Journal article

USEtox characterisation factors for textile chemicals based on a transparent data source selection strategy

Sandra Roos, Hanna Holmquist, Christina Jönsson et al
International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment. Vol. 23 (4), p. 890-903
Journal article

The potential to use QSAR to populate ecotoxicity characterisation factors for simplified LCIA and chemical prioritisation

Hanna Holmquist, Jenny Lexén, Magnus Rahmberg et al
International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment. Vol. 23 (11), p. 2208-2216
Journal article

How information about hazardous fluorinated substances increases willingness-to-pay for alternative outdoor garments: A Swedish survey experiment

Hanna Holmquist, Simon Matti, Sverker C. Jagers et al
Journal of Cleaner Production. Vol. 202, p. 130-138
Journal article

Toward Harmonizing Ecotoxicity Characterization in Life Cycle Impact Assessment

Alexi Ernstoff, Mikokaj Owsianiak, Nico Van Straalen et al
Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry. Vol. 37 (12), p. 2955-2971
Journal article

Choosing a rain coating – life cycle assessment to guide substitution of hazardous durable water repellent chemistry

Hanna Holmquist, Sandra Roos, Christina Jönsson et al
Conference contribution

Properties, performance and associated hazards of state-of-the-art durable water repellent (DWR) chemistry for textile finishing

Hanna Holmquist, Steffen Schellenberger, Ike van der Veen et al
Environment International. Vol. 91, p. 251-264
Journal article

Performance and hazard assessment of fluorinated and non-fluorinated state-of-the-art DWR-polymers

Steffen Schellenberger, Hanna Holmquist, Ike van der Veen et al
SETAC Nantes 2016
Conference poster

Estimating the environmental risk of the societal stock of additives in plastics by a chemical footprint approach

Tomas Rydberg, Jenny Lexén, Lena Dahlgren et al
SETAC Europe 25th Annual Meeting
Conference contribution

Strategies to deal with information of different reliability exemplified by the use of QSARs to fill the algae data gaps in LCIAs of plastic additives

Julia Grönholdt Palm, Tomas Rydberg, Magnus Rahmberg et al
SETAC Europe 25th Annual Meeting
Conference contribution

Review of Environmental Assessment Case Studies Blending Elements of Risk Assessment and Life Cycle Assessment

Robin Harder, Hanna Holmquist, Sverker Molander et al
Environmental Science & Technology. Vol. 49 (2), p. 13083-13093
Journal article


Hanna Andersson, Robin Harder, Gregory Peters et al
6th INTERNATIONAL WORKSHOP on Per- and Polyfluorinated Alkyl Substances - PFASs
Conference poster

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Substitution in Practice of Prioritised Fluorinated Chemicals to Eliminate Diffuse Sources (SUPFES)

Gregory Peters Chemical Environmental Science
Hanna Holmquist Chemical Environmental Science
Stockholms läns landsting

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