Georgios Diapoulis

Doctoral Student at Applied Acoustics

Georgios Diapoulis is a doctoral student at the division of applied acoustics, Vibroacoustics research group, at Chalmers. He focuses his research on perceptual measures of cognitive performance and well-being. The specialization is on building acoustics and human movement research, with a particular focus on the effect of walking sounds in open office spaces, which is part of the ACOUTECT project. His reseach interests include auditory and visual perception, building acoustics, computerized sound and realtime sound-synthesis, human bodily motion, information retrieval and social cognition.


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Person identification from walking sound on wooden floor

Georgios Diapoulis, Carmen Rosas Perez, Krister Larsson et al
Euronoise 2018, p. 1727-1732
Paper in proceeding

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