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D-band SiGe transceiver modules based on silicon-micromachined integration

Y. Li, Mikael Hörberg, Klas Eriksson et al
Asia-Pacific Microwave Conference Proceedings, APMC. Vol. 2019-December, p. 883-885
Paper in proceeding

Ultra-broadband common collector-cascode 4-cell distributed amplifier in 250nm InP HBT technology with over 200 GHz bandwidth

Stavros Giannakopoulos, Klas Eriksson, Izzat Darwazeh et al
Microwave Integrated Circuits Conference (EuMIC), 2017 12th European
Paper in proceeding

Suppression of Parasitic Substrate Modes in Multilayer Integrated Circuits

Klas Eriksson, Sten Gunnarsson, Per-Åke Nilsson et al
IEEE Transactions on Electromagnetic Compatibility. Vol. 57 (3), p. 591-594
Journal article

InP DHBT Amplifier Modules Operating Between 150 and 300 GHz Using Membrane Technology

Klas Eriksson, Peter Sobis, Sten Gunnarsson et al
IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques. Vol. 63 (2), p. 433-440
Journal article

InP DHBT Distributed Amplifiers With Up to 235-GHz Bandwidth

Klas Eriksson, I.Z. Darwazeh, Herbert Zirath
IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques. Vol. 63 (4), p. 1334-1341
Journal article

InP DHBT wideband amplifiers with up to 235 GHz bandwidth

Klas Eriksson, I.Z. Darwazeh, Herbert Zirath
IEEE MTT-S International Microwave Symposium Digest, p. Art. no. 6848436-
Paper in proceeding

Design and characterization of a negative resistance Common Emitter InP Double Heterojunction Bipolar Transistor subcircuit for millimeter wave and submillimeter wave applications

C. Poole, I.Z. Darwazeh, Herbert Zirath et al
44th European Microwave Conference, EuMC 2014 - Held as Part of the 17th European Microwave Week, EuMW 2014; Fiera di RomaRome; Italy; 6 October 2014 through 9 October 2014, p. 933-936
Paper in proceeding

Design and Characterization of H-Band (220-325 GHz) Amplifiers in a 250-nm InP DHBT Technology

Klas Eriksson, Sten Gunnarsson, Vessen Vassilev et al
IEEE Transactions on Terahertz Science and Technology. Vol. 4 (1), p. 56-64
Journal article

140-220 GHz Imaging Front-end Based on 250 nm InP/InGaAs/InP DHBT Process

Vessen Vassilev, Herbert Zirath, Vedran Furtula et al
Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering. Vol. 8715
Paper in proceeding

H-band MMIC amplifiers in 250 nm InP DHBT

Klas Eriksson, Vessen Vassilev, Herbert Zirath
19th International Conference on Microwaves, Radar and Wireless Communications, MIKON 2012, Warsaw, 21-23 May 2012. Vol. 2, p. 744-747
Paper in proceeding

A varactor model including valanche noise source for VCOs phase noise simulation

Szhau Lai, Dan Kuylenstierna, Iltcho Angelov et al
41th European Microwave Conference , Manchester, UK, Oct 10-13, 2011, p. 591-594
Paper in proceeding

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