Athmane Boulaoued

Researcher at Chalmers, Physics, Condensed Matter Physics

My research interests are on developing operando spectroscopy (Raman, Infrared, Plasmonics) to study energy related materials, chiefly next-generation batteries. It consists of tracking in real-time electrochemical and spectral modifications to understand actions in molecular level and correlate to macro-scale properties.


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Graphitic microstructure and performance of carbon fibre Li-ion structural battery electrodes

Athmane Boulaoued, Giulia Fredi, Joachim Wallenstein et al
Multifunctional Materials. Vol. 1 (1)
Journal article

Electrochemical lithiation of Ge: New insights by operando spectroscopy and diffraction

L. C. Loaiza, N. Louvain, B. Fraisse et al
Journal of Physical Chemistry C. Vol. 122 (7), p. 3709-3718
Journal article

Understanding the lithiation/delithiation mechanism of Si1-xGex alloys

L. C. Loaiza, E. Salager, N. Louvain et al
Journal of Materials Chemistry A. Vol. 5 (24), p. 12462-12473
Journal article

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