Christoph Sebastian Börlin

Doctoral Student at Systems and Synthetic Biology
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The transcription factor Leu3 shows differential binding behavior in response to changing leucine availability

Christoph Sebastian Börlin, Jens B Nielsen, Verena Siewers
FEMS Microbiology Letters. Vol. 367 (13)
Journal article

An analytical framework for studying transcriptional regulation

Christoph Sebastian Börlin
Doctoral thesis

Saccharomyces cerevisiae displays a stable transcription start site landscape in multiple conditions

Christoph Sebastian Börlin, Nevena Cvetesic, Petter Holland et al
FEMS Yeast Research. Vol. 19 (2)
Journal article

Predictive models of eukaryotic transcriptional regulation reveals changes in transcription factor roles and promoter usage between metabolic conditions

Petter Holland, David Bergenholm, Christoph Sebastian Börlin et al
Nucleic Acids Research. Vol. 47 (10), p. 4986-5000
Journal article

A bioinformatic pipeline to analyze ChIP-exo datasets

Christoph Sebastian Börlin, David Bergenholm, Petter Holland et al
Biology Methods and Protocols. Vol. 4 (1)
Journal article

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CRISPRi for elucidating stress regulation in yeast

Yvonne Nygård Industrial Biotechnology
Florian David Systems and Synthetic Biology
Verena Siewers Systems and Synthetic Biology
Ibai Lenitz Etxaburu Industrial Biotechnology
Christoph Sebastian Börlin Systems and Synthetic Biology
Vaskar Mukherjee Industrial Biotechnology
Swedish Research Council (VR)

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