Robert Ekman

Projektledare at Chalmers, Architecture and Civil Engineering, Building

Robert Ekman is an Associate Professor in Public Health Sciences. His expertise is in analysis of injury data and community-based injury prevention. He is a member of ARCSAFE, a research group that seeks to reduce injuries occurring in residential settings. The aim of this research is identify risk factors for sociodemographic groups, such as children, older people and people with disabilities that experience the highest risks for injuries in the home environment. The research considers how the physical layout of homes affect risks for injuries. With this knowledge, we can help improve the planning of new homes, and make suggestions for improvement to existing residences. Two of Ekman´s PhD students have done their doctoral research on safety in residential settings. A third doctoral thesis analyzed cold water drowning, with an emphasis on prevention of these injuries.





Inga Malmqvist Building
Charlotta Thodelius Building
Robert Ekman Building
Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency

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