Esko Lehtonen

Doktor at Chalmers, Mechanics and Maritime Sciences, Vehicle Safety

Esko Lehtonen is a cognitive scientist doing research on human factors in transportation. He is interested in how humans interact with automated vehicles, both as drivers as well as pedestrians or cyclists. The goal of the research is to create conceptual and computational models to understand the cognitive processing taking place in the interaction between humans and their environment. The results will help to create safer and more efficient transportation systems. Esko Lehtonen teaches at the Master Program in Automotive Engineering at Chalmers.


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Gaze doesn't always lead steering

Esko Lehtonen, Otto Lappi, Noora Koskiahde et al
Accident Analysis and Prevention. Vol. 121, p. 268-278
Journal article

Where do people direct their attention while cycling? A comparison of adults and children

M. C. Melin, E. Peltomaa, L. Schildt et al
Transportation Research Part F: Traffic Psychology and Behaviour. Vol. 58, p. 292-301
Journal article

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Driver models for automated driving

Marco Dozza Vehicle Safety
Esko Lehtonen Vehicle Safety


Quantitative Driver Behaviour Modelling for Active Safety Assessment Expansion (QUADRAE)

Robert Thomson Vehicle Safety
Giulio Bianchi Piccinini Accident Prevention
Marco Dozza Accident Prevention
Jonas Bärgman Accident Prevention
Esko Lehtonen Vehicle Safety
Thomas Streubel Vehicle Safety

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