Anita Fadavi Roudsari

Researcher at Quantum Technology
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Characterizing decoherence rates of a superconducting qubit by direct microwave scattering

Yong Lu, Andreas Bengtsson, Jonathan Burnett et al
npj Quantum Information. Vol. 7 (1)
Journal article

Simplified Josephson-junction fabrication process for reproducibly high-performance superconducting qubits

Amr Osman, James Simon, Andreas Bengtsson et al
Applied Physics Letters. Vol. 118 (6)
Journal article

Phononic loss in superconducting resonators on piezoelectric substrates

Marco Scigliuzzo, Laure Bruhat, Andreas Bengtsson et al
New Journal of Physics. Vol. 22 (5)
Journal article

High quality three-dimensional aluminum microwave cavities

Marina Kudra, Janka Biznárová, Anita Fadavi Roudsari et al
Applied Physics Letters. Vol. 117 (7)
Journal article

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