Fanny Berglund

Doctoral Student at Chalmers, Mathematical Sciences, Applied Mathematics and Statistics

I develop methods that can identify antibiotic resistance genes in the environment.


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New antibiotic resistance genes and their diversity

Fanny Berglund
Doctoral thesis

Identification and reconstruction of novel antibiotic resistance genes from metagenomes

Fanny Berglund, Tobias Österlund, Fredrik Boulund et al
Microbiome. Vol. 7
Journal article

Sewage effluent from an Indian hospital harbors novel carbapenemases and integron-borne antibiotic resistance genes

Nachiket P. Marathe, Fanny Berglund, Mohammad Razavi et al
Microbiome. Vol. 7 (97), p. 97-
Journal article

Functional metagenomics reveals a novel carbapenem-hydrolyzing mobile beta-lactamase from Indian river sediments contaminated with antibiotic production waste

Nachiket Marathe, Anders Janzon, S. Kotsakis et al
Environment International. Vol. 112 (!), p. 279-286
Journal article

Identification of 76 novel B1 metallo-beta-lactamases through large-scale screening of genomic and metagenomic data

Fanny Berglund, Nachiket Marathe, Tobias Österlund et al
Microbiome. Vol. 5
Journal article

Computational discovery and functional validation of novel fluoroquinolone resistance genes in public metagenomic data sets

Fredrik Boulund, Fanny Berglund, Carl-Fredrik Flach et al
BMC Genomics. Vol. 18 (1), p. Art 682-
Journal article

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