Mohammad Ali Fotouhi Ghazvini

Post doc at Chalmers, Electrical Engineering, Electric Power Engineering, Power grids and Components

Ali Fotouhi is a postdoctoral researcher at the Electric Power Engineering division developing energy management systems for energy flexible buildings to ensure the supply of sustainable energy systems and providing flexibility for the grid. Ali has received his PhD in 2018 in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Lisbon, Portugal. His main research interest includes power system operation and control, portfolio optimization in retail energy markets, multi-carrier energy systems, and energy management system development for smart buildings and microgrids.


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A Close-to-Real-time Energy Management System for Smart Residential Buildings

Mohammad Ali Fotouhi Ghazvini, David Steen, Anh Tuan Le
Paper in proceedings

A centralized building energy management system for residential energy hubs

Mohammad Ali Fotouhi Ghazvini, David Steen, Anh Tuan Le
Paper in proceedings

A rolling horizon approach for the optimal real-time dispatch of energy sources in smart residential buildings

Mohammad Ali Fotouhi Ghazvini, David Steen, Anh Tuan Le
Paper in proceedings

Chalmers Campus as a Testbed for Intelligent Grids and Local Energy Systems

Kyriaki Antoniadou-Plytaria, Ankur Srivastava, Mohammad Ali Fotouhi Ghazvini et al
IEEE International Conference on Smart Energy Systems and Technologies (SEST)
Paper in proceedings

Stochastic interval-based optimal offering model for residential energy management systems by household owners

Amin Shokri Gazafroudi, João Soares, Mohammad Ali Fotouhi Ghazvini et al
International Journal of Electrical Power and Energy Systems. Vol. 105, p. 201-219
Journal article

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Innovative energy management system for smart buildings and grid interactions

Anh Tuan Le Electric Power Engineering
David Steen Electric Power Engineering
Mohammad Ali Fotouhi Ghazvini Electric Power Engineering
Ulrike Rahe Design and Human Factors
Göteborg Energi AB
HSB Living Lab

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