Claudia Cossio Grageda

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Impact of treatment plant management on human health and ecological risks from wastewater irrigation in developing countries–case studies from Cochabamba, Bolivia

Claudia Cossio Grageda, Luis Fernando Perez-Mercado, Jenny Norrman et al
International Journal of Environmental Health Research. Vol. 31 (4), p. 355-373
Journal article

EVAS - a practical tool to assess the sustainability of small wastewater treatment systems in low and lower-middle-income countries

Claudia Cossio Grageda, Jennifer R Mc Conville, Ann Mattsson et al
Science of the Total Environment. Vol. 746
Journal article

Indicators for sustainability assessment of small-scale wastewater treatment plants in low and lower-middle income countries

Claudia Cossio Grageda, Jenny Norrman, Jennifer McConville et al
Environmental and Sustainability Indicators. Vol. 6
Journal article

Importance of triggers and veto-barriers for the implementation of sanitation in informal peri-urban settlements – The case of cochabamba, Bolivia

Ida Helgegren, Sebastien Rauch, Claudia Cossio Grageda et al
PLoS ONE. Vol. 13 (4)
Journal article

Wastewater management in small towns - understanding the failure of small treatment plants in Bolivia

Claudia Cossio Grageda, Jennifer R Mc Conville, Sebastien Rauch et al
Environmental Technology (United Kingdom). Vol. 39 (11), p. 1393-1403
Journal article

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Integrated Water Resource Management (IRWM) – Water Quality, Pollution and Treatment

Claudia Cossio Grageda Geology and Geotechnics
Jenny Norrman Geology and Geotechnics
Sebastien Rauch Water Environment Technology

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