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Acoustic spectral hole-burning in a two-level system ensemble

Gustav Andersson, A. L. O. Bilobran, Marco Scigliuzzo et al
npj Quantum Information. Vol. 7 (15)
Journal article

Quantum acoustics with superconducting circuits

Gustav Andersson
Doctoral thesis

Electromagnetically Induced Acoustic Transparency with a Superconducting Circuit

Gustav Andersson, Maria Ekström, Per Delsing
Physical Review Letters. Vol. 124 (24)
Journal article

Towards phonon routing: controlling propagating acoustic waves in the quantum regime

Maria Ekström, Thomas Aref, Andreas Josefsson Ask et al
New Journal of Physics. Vol. 21 (12)
Journal article

Non-exponential decay of a giant artificial atom

Gustav Andersson, Baladitya Suri, Lingzhen Guo et al
Nature Physics. Vol. 15, p. 1123-1127
Journal article

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