Kristina Hojcková

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On the functional and structural scope of technological innovation systems – A literature review with conceptual suggestions

Johnn Andersson, Kristina Hojcková, Björn Sandén
Environmental Innovation and Societal Transitions. Vol. 49
Review article

A global super-grid: sociotechnical drivers and barriers

Kristina Hojcková, Helene Ahlborg, Björn Sandén
Energy, Sustainability and Society. Vol. 12 (1)
Journal article

Social and economic value in emerging decentralized energy business models: A critical review

Sophie Adams, Donal Brown, Juan Pablo Cárdenas Álvarez et al
Energies. Vol. 14 (23)
Review article

Is peer-to-peer electricity trading empowering users? Evidence on motivations and roles in a prosumer business model trial in Australia

Sam Wilkinson, Kristina Hojcková, Christine Eon et al
Energy Research and Social Science. Vol. 66
Journal article

Entrepreneurial use of context for technological system creation and expansion: The case of blockchain-based peer-to-peer electricity trading

Kristina Hojcková, Helene Ahlborg, Greg Morrison et al
Research Policy. Vol. 49 (8)
Journal article

Three electricity futures: Monitoring the emergence of alternative system architectures

Kristina Hojcková, Björn Sandén, Helene Ahlborg
Futures. Vol. 98, p. 72-89
Review article

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New networks of power: on the emergence, diffusion and impact of alternative electricity system architectures

Björn Sandén Environmental Systems Analysis
Mikael Odenberger Energy Technology
Verena Heinisch Energy Technology
Kristina Hojcková Environmental Systems Analysis
Swedish Energy Agency

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