Patric Holmvall

Visiting Researcher at Applied Quantum Physics

Patric is a PhD student at Chalmers since 2015. His research interests lie in Condensed Matter Physics, with focus on mesoscopic and unconventional superconductivity. A major aspect of the PhD project is to construct new tools to study thin-film superconductors. The main goal is to develop a better understanding of mesoscopic systems, with applications in nano-electronics.

Prior to his PhD studies, Patric worked with both experimental and theoretical subatomic physics.

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Phase crystals

Patric Holmvall, Mikael Fogelström, Tomas Löfwander et al
Physical Review Research. Vol. 2 (1)
Journal article

Breaking time-reversal and translational symmetry at edges of d -wave superconductors: Microscopic theory and comparison with quasiclassical theory

Niclas Wennerdal, Andreas Josefsson Ask, Patric Holmvall et al
Physical Review Research. Vol. 2 (4)
Journal article

Spontaneous symmetry breaking at surfaces of d-wave superconductors: Influence of geometry and surface ruggedness

Patric Holmvall, Anton Vorontsov, Mikael Fogelström et al
Physical Review B. Vol. 99 (18)
Journal article

Broken translational symmetry at edges of high-temperature superconductors

Patric Holmvall, Anton Vorontsov, Mikael Fogelström et al
Nature Communications. Vol. 9
Journal article

Spontaneous generation of fractional vortex-Antivortex pairs at single edges of high-Tc superconductors

Patric Holmvall, Tomas Löfwander, Mikael Fogelström
Journal of Physics: Conference Series. Vol. 969 (1)
Paper in proceeding

Collinear cluster tri-partition: Kinematics constraints and stability of collinearity

Patric Holmvall, Ulli Köster, Andreas Martin Heinz et al
Physical Review C. Vol. 95 (014602)
Journal article

Modeling mesoscopic unconventional superconductors

Patric Holmvall
Licentiate thesis

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