Johanna Eriksson

Projektassistent at Chalmers, Architecture and Civil Engineering, Building

Johanna Erikssons research deals with user-participatory methods that aim to strengthen the users’ ability to identify and express their requirements in the development of a new built environment, with a special focus on residential and commercial building projects. Johanna occasionally lectures about user-participatory methods, both within academia and the industry.



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Mer dialog med fler - verktyg för snabb planprocess

Johanna Eriksson, Ola Nylander,

User involvement in Swedish residential building projects: a stakeholder perspective

Johanna Eriksson, Wiktoria Glad, Madelaine Johansson et al
Journal of Housing and the Built Environment. Vol. 30 (2), p. 313-329
Scientific journal article - peer reviewed

Architects and users in collaborative design

Johanna Eriksson,
Licentiate thesis

Attitudes and experiences of user involvement in early stages of residential building projects

Johanna Eriksson, Wiktoria Glad, Madelaine Johansson et al
Proceedings för ENHR 2012
Conference paper - non peer reviewed

Mapping a framework for co-design in healthcare buildings - an empirical study

Johanna Eriksson, Peter Fröst, Nina Ryd et al
Proceedings from ARCH12
Conference paper - peer reviewed