Johan Karlsson

Doctoral Student at Mechatronics

Johan Karlsson is a PhD student in the Automatic Control, Automation and Mechatronics division.

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Computationally efficient autonomous overtaking on highways

Johan Karlsson, Nikolce Murgovski, Jonas Sjöberg
IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems. Vol. 21 (8), p. 3169-3183
Journal article

Optimal Trajectory Planning and Decision Making in Lane Change Maneuvers Near a Highway Exit

Johan Karlsson, Nikolce Murgovski, Jonas Sjöberg
European control conference
Paper in proceedings

Intersection crossing with reduced number of conflicts

Johan Karlsson, Jonas Sjöberg, Nikolce Murgovski et al
Paper in proceedings

Comparison between mixed-integer and second order cone programming for autonomous overtaking

Johan Karlsson, Nikolce Murgovski, Jonas Sjöberg
Paper in proceedings

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