Alexandra Stubelius

Assistant Professor at Chemical Biology

The overall goal of Alexandra Stubelius’ research is to reshape and remodel the inflammatory microenvironment towards to accelerate tissue homeostasis using advanced nanotherapeutics. She holds a PhD in Medicine, specialized in inflammation and rheumatology, a MSc in Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Biosciences and did a postdoc in nanomedicine at the University of California, San Diego. She is now at Chalmers involved in the Excellence Initiative Nano.

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Highly responsive and rapid hydrogen peroxide-triggered degradation of polycaprolactone nanoparticles

Peng-Hao Hsu, Carina Arboleda, Alexandra Stubelius et al
Biomaterials Science. Vol. 8 (9), p. 2394-2397
Journal article

Androgen Receptors in Epithelial Cells Regulate Thymopoiesis and Recent Thymic Emigrants in Male Mice

Anna S. Wilhelmson, Marta Lantero Rodriguez, Inger Johansson et al
Frontiers in Immunology. Vol. 11
Journal article

The Chemistry of Boronic Acids in Nanomaterials for Drug Delivery

Alexandra Stubelius, Sangeun Lee, Adah Almutairi
Accounts of Chemical Research. Vol. 52 (11), p. 3108-3119
Review article

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Enhancing Treatment Strategies for Osteoarthritis: Targeting Microenvironmental Proinflammatory Sialic Acid Signaling

Alexandra Stubelius Chemical Biology
Swedish Research Council (VR)


Nanocarriers Regulating Metabolism as a NovelTreatment Strategy for Age-Induced Osteoarthritis

Alexandra Stubelius Chemical Biology
Stiftelsen Sigurd och Elsa Goljes Minne


Bioresponsive nanomaterials to improve drug-delivery in Rheumatoid Arthritis

Alexandra Stubelius Chemical Biology
King Gustaf V's 80-year foundation


Smart nanomedicin för inflammatorisk läkemedelsleverans

Alexandra Stubelius Chemical Biology
Apotekare Hedbergs fond för Medicinsk forskning

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