Luca Torello Pianale

Doctoral Student at Industrial Biotechnology

Luca Torello Pianale joined the Industrial Biotechnology Division as a PhD student in November 2019.
His research focuses on deepening the knowledge on yeast robustness. Yeast finds extensive industrial applications, including its application as cell factory for production of bio-based chemicals. However, during the use in industrial processes, yeast cells have to face different types of stresses. In parallel, industries have to constantly develop more robust yeast strains in order to increase the productivity and increase titers. Therefore, the identification and a better-understanding of the molecular traits responsible for the microbial robustness will allow the development of new strain engineering strategies for the improvement of industrial microorganisms.

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Fine-tuning the stress response of Saccharomyces cerevisiae using CRISPR interference technology

Luca Torello Pianale, Vaskar Mukherjee, Elena Cámara et al
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Microbial robustness - a key for sustainable and efficient biotechnology-based production

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Cecilia Trivellin Industrial Biotechnology
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Luca Torello Pianale Industrial Biotechnology
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