Michele Maglio

Doctoral Student at Dynamics

Michele has been a PhD student at the Division of Dynamics at the Department of Mechanics and Maritime Sciences since February 2018. His research is primarily focused on investigations of the causes and the effects of damage of railway wheel treads. The project is carried out within Centre of Excellence in Railway Mechanics CHARMEC. The minimization of consequences of wheel tread damage is aimed at reducing operational disturbances in train traffic and enhance safety.

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Railway wheel tread damage and axle bending stress – Instrumented wheelset measurements and numerical simulations

Michele Maglio, Tore V Vernersson, Jens Nielsen et al
International Journal of Rail Transportation. Vol. In Press
Journal article

Wheel–rail impact loads and axle bending stress simulated for generic distributions and shapes of discrete wheel tread damage

Michele Maglio, Astrid Pieringer, Jens Nielsen et al
Journal of Sound and Vibration. Vol. 502
Journal article

Digitalisation of condition monitoring data as input for fatigue evaluation of wheelsets

Michele Maglio, Matthias Asplund, Jens Nielsen et al
Proceedings of the XIX International Wheelset Congress
Paper in proceeding

Rolling contact fatigue assessment of repair rail welds

Elena Kabo, Anders Ekberg, Michele Maglio
Wear. Vol. 436-437
Journal article

Rolling contact fatigue assessment of repair rail welds

Elena Kabo, Anders Ekberg, Michele Maglio
Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Contact Mechanics and Wear of Rail/wheel Systems (CM2018), p. 450-456
Paper in proceeding

Thermo-mechanical analyses of discrete defect repair process for rails

Michele Maglio, Elena Kabo
Other conference contribution

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Research into enhanced track and switch and crossing system 2 (In2Track-2)

Elena Kabo Dynamics
Fredrik Larsson Material and Computational Mechanics
Dimosthenis Floros Material and Computational Mechanics
Astrid Pieringer Applied Acoustics
Casey Jessop Engineering Materials
Wolfgang Kropp Applied Acoustics
Johan Ahlström Engineering Materials
Xin Li Dynamics
Magnus Ekh Material and Computational Mechanics
Michele Maglio Dynamics
Daniel Gren Engineering Materials
Björn Pålsson Dynamics
Roger Lundén Dynamics
Marko Milosevic Dynamics
Lennart Josefson Material and Computational Mechanics
Emil Aggestam Dynamics
Anders Ekberg Dynamics
Jens Nielsen Dynamics
Tore V Vernersson Dynamics
Rostyslav Skrypnyk Dynamics
Erika Steyn Engineering Materials
Christer Persson Engineering Materials
Björn Andersson Material and Computational Mechanics
Knut Andreas Meyer Material and Computational Mechanics
Mohammad Salahi Nezhad Material and Computational Mechanics
Jannik Theyssen Applied Acoustics
Swedish Transport Administration
European Commission (EC)


Wheel tread damage – identification and effects (CHARMEC TS20)

Elena Kabo Dynamics
Michele Maglio Dynamics
Jens Nielsen Dynamics
Tore V Vernersson Dynamics
Chalmers Railway Mechanics (CHARMEC)

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