Mariliis Lehtveer

Post doc at Chalmers, Space, Earth and Environment, Energy Technology, Energy Technology 2

Mariliis Lehtveer’s research is in the field of systems analysis and energy modelling. She is currently investigating the interplay between biomass and variable renewable resources in the electricity system as well as low carbon investment preferences of GOP meeting participants and their agreement with model scenarios. Her broader research interests relate to the intersectoral connections in the energy system such as hydrogen production from electricity and the potential of using this hydrogen in industry and transport. To investigate these questions, Mariliis uses several energy system models ranging from global to conceptual, as well as non-parametric statistical analysis.


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Biomass in the electricity system: A complement to variable renewables or a source of negative emissions?

Viktor Johansson, Mariliis Lehtveer, Lisa Göransson
Energy. Vol. 168, p. 532-541
Journal article


Mariliis Lehtveer, Selma Brynolf, Maria Grahn
Conference contribution

Bioenergy with carbon capture and storage (BECCS): Global potential, investment priority, and deployment barriers

Mathias Fridahl, Mariliis Lehtveer
Energy Research and Social Science. Vol. 42, p. 155-165
Journal article

Using resource based slicing to capture the intermittency of variable renewables in energy system models

Mariliis Lehtveer, Niclas Mattsson, Fredrik Hedenus
Energy Strategy Reviews. Vol. 18, p. 73-84
Journal article

Estonian energy supply strategy assessment for 2035 and its vulnerability to climate driven shocks

Mariliis Lehtveer, M. Pelakauskas, C. Ipbuker et al
Environmental Progress and Sustainable Energy. Vol. 35 (2), p. 469-478
Journal article

Using Resource Based Slicing to Capture the Intermittency of Variable Renewables

Mariliis Lehtveer, Niclas Mattsson, Fredrik Hedenus et al

Multi-criteria analysis of nuclear power in the global energy system: Assessing trade-offs between simultaneously attainable economic, environmental and social goals

Mariliis Lehtveer, Marek Makowski, Fredrik Hedenus et al
Energy Strategy Reviews. Vol. 8, p. 45-
Journal article

How much can nuclear power reduce climate mitigation cost? – Critical parameters and sensitivity

Mariliis Lehtveer, Fredrik Hedenus
Energy Strategy Reviews. Vol. 6, p. 12-19
Journal article

Nuclear power as a climate mitigation strategy - technology and proliferation risk

Mariliis Lehtveer, Fredrik Hedenus
Journal of Risk Research. Vol. 18 (3), p. 273-290
Journal article

Vi kan klara klimatmål utan kärnkraft

Mariliis Lehtveer, Fredrik Hedenus
Svenska Dagbladet
Magazine article

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