Ines Massiot

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Sunlight-thin nanophotonic monocrystalline silicon solar cells

V. Depauw, C. Trompoukis, Ines Massiot et al
Nano Futures. Vol. 1 (2)
Other text in scientific journal

Highly conformal fabrication of nanopatterns on non-planar surfaces

Ines Massiot, C. Trompoukis, Kristof Lodewijks et al
Nanoscale. Vol. 8 (22), p. 11461-11466
Journal article

Nanophotonics-based low-temperature PECVD epitaxial crystalline silicon solar cells

W. H. Chen, R. Cariou, M. Foldyna et al
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics. Vol. 49 (12)
Journal article

Integrating surface nanotextures into thin crystalline-Si solar cells: The case of a 1-μm-thin nanoimprinted heterojunction cell

V. Depauw, Ines Massiot, W. Chen et al
2017 IEEE 44th Photovoltaic Specialist Conference, PVSC 2017, p. 1-6
Paper in proceeding

Disordered nanostructures by hole-mask colloidal lithography for advanced light trapping in silicon solar cells

C. Trompoukis, Ines Massiot, V. Depauw et al
Optics Express. Vol. 24 (2), p. A191-A201
Journal article

Multiscale conformal pattern transfer

Kristof Lodewijks, Vladimir Miljkovic, Ines Massiot et al
Scientific Reports. Vol. 6, p. article no. 28490 -
Journal article

Production of nano-holes patten on Si(111) by colloidal lithography for growth of InAs nanowires

Elham Fadaly, Ines Massiot, Mahdad Sadeghi et al
15th International Conference on Nanotechnology
Paper in proceeding

Photonic nanostructures for advanced light trapping in thin crystalline silicon solar cells

C. Trompoukis, I. Abdo, R. Cariou et al
Physica Status Solidi (A) Applications and Materials Science. Vol. 212 (1), p. 140-155
Journal article

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