Elke Miedema

Doktorand at Chalmers, Architecture and Civil Engineering, Building

Elke Miedema is an architect from TU Delft in the Netherlands. Since September 2014 she is a PhD candidate at Chalmers Architecture and Civil Engineering. As part of the AIDAH programme she focuses on decentralisation of health care due to new care processes the process to guide this transformation. The goal is finding new guidelines for this complex process both for architectural as other stakeholders and new ways for collaboration. Elke will be active mostly in research, and will take up educational tasks from 2015.

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Integrative Ways of Residing: Health and Quality of Residence Architectural Inventions for Dwelling, Ageing and Healthcare AIDAH

Sten Gromark Building
Roger Ulrich Building
Saga Karlsson Building
Inga Malmqvist Building
Charlotta Thodelius Building
Ola Nylander Building
Anna Braide Eriksson Building
Maria Berezecka Mårtensson Building
Peter Fröst Building
Anna Braide Eriksson Building
Marie Strid Building
Hanna Morichetto Building
Elke Miedema Building
Göran Lindahl Construction Management
Elizabeth Marcheschi Building

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Health promotive ambitions related to building design – the case of Angered Nearby Hospital

Elke Miedema, Göran Lindahl, Marie Elf et al
ARCH 17 - 3rd international conference on architecture, research, care and health. Vol. 1 edition, p. 331-344
Conference paper - peer reviewed

Engaging stakeholders in Complex Design by using of Symbiosis in Development method.

Elke Miedema,
Design 4 Health Conference, July 13-16, 2015 Sheffield UK.
Conference poster