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Effect of antioxidants on lipid oxidation in herring (Clupea harengus) co-product silage during its production, heat-treatment and storage

Mursalin Sajib, Markus Langeland, Ingrid Undeland
Scientific Reports. Vol. 12 (1)
Journal article

Pilot-Scale Ensilaging of Herring Filleting Co-Products and Subsequent Separation of Fish Oil and Protein Hydrolysates

Mursalin Sajib, João Pedro Trigo, Mehdi Abdollahi et al
Food and Bioprocess Technology. Vol. In press
Journal article

A recyclable dipping strategy to stabilize herring (Clupea harengus) co-products during ice storage

Haizhou Wu, Bita Forghani Targhi, Mursalin Sajib et al
Food and Bioprocess Technology. Vol. 14 (12), p. 2207-2218
Journal article

Hemoglobin-mediated lipid oxidation of herring filleting co-products during ensilaging and its inhibition by pre-incubation in antioxidant solutions

Mursalin Sajib, Haizhou Wu, Rikard Fristedt et al
Scientific Reports. Vol. 11 (1), p. 1-12
Journal article

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Towards a holistic and sustainable Swedish value chain for pea biorefinery (100%Pea)

Mehdi Abdollahi Food and Nutrition Science
Mursalin Sajib Food and Nutrition Science


Pea protein isolates for plant-based meat analogue applications

Ingrid Undeland Food and Nutrition Science
Mursalin Sajib Food and Nutrition Science
Mehdi Abdollahi Food and Nutrition Science
Folksams forskningsstiftelse

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