Oleg Kotov

Doctor at Nano and Biophysics

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Self-Hybridized Vibrational-Mie Polaritons in Water Droplets

Adriana Canales Ramos, Oleg Kotov, Betül Kücüköz et al
Physical Review Letters. Vol. 132 (19)
Journal article

Quantum trapping and rotational self-alignment in triangular Casimir microcavities

Betül Kücüköz, Oleg Kotov, Adriana Canales Ramos et al
Science advances. Vol. 10 (17)
Journal article

Perfect Absorption and Strong Coupling in Supported MoS2 Multilayers

Adriana Canales Ramos, Oleg Kotov, Timur Shegai
ACS Nano. Vol. 17 (4), p. 3401-3411
Journal article

The Rise and Current Status of Polaritonic Photochemistry and Photophysics

Rahul Bhuyan, Jürgen Mony, Oleg Kotov et al
Chemical Reviews. Vol. 123 (18), p. 10877-10919
Review article

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