Lars Olsson

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New algorithm for water leakages flow through rain screen deficiencies

Lars Olsson, Carl-Eric Hagentoft
Proceedings of the 7th International Building Physics Conference, IBPC2018, Syracuse, NY, USA, 23-26 September 2018, p. 1047-1052
Paper in proceeding

Rain intrusion rates at façade details - A summary of results from four laboratory studies

Lars Olsson
Energy Procedia: 11th Nordic Symposium on Building Physics, NSB 2017; Trondheim; Norway; 11 June 2017 through 14 June 2017. Vol. 132, p. 387-392
Paper in proceeding

Rain resistance of facades with facade details: A summary of three field and laboratory studies

Lars Olsson
Journal of Building Physics. Vol. 41 (6), p. 521-532
Journal article

Laboratory study of driving rain resistance of four façade systems with window fittings - Experimental results of leakage flows

Lars Olsson
Central Europe Towards Sustainable Building 2016: Innovations for Sustainable Future, CESB 2016; Prague; Czech Republic; 22 June 2016 through 24 June 2016, p. 1233-1240
Paper in proceeding

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