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Logistic management of trailers based on the EPCIS standard: A cross-case analysis

Henrik Ringsberg, Kenth Lumsden
Research in Transportation Business and Management. Vol. 19, p. 65-
Journal article

Implementation of global traceability standards: incentives and opportunities

Henrik Ringsberg
British Food Journal. Vol. 117 (7), p. 1826-1842
Journal article

Perspectives on food traceability: A systematic literature review

Henrik Ringsberg
International Journal of Information Systems and Supply Chain Management. Vol. 19 (5/6), p. 558-576
Journal article

Effects on Logistic Operations from RFID- and EPCIS- Enabled Traceability

Henrik Ringsberg, Vahid Mirza Beiki
British Food Journal. Vol. 116 (1), p. 104-124
Journal article

The Ingredients of Anti-Counterfeiting Pharma Packages – A Survey Study Based on the Kano Methodology

Luca Urciuoli, Henrik Ringsberg
Proccedings of the LRN Conference, Cranfield 2014, p. 1-8
Paper in proceeding

Demand for Tracking and Tracing Information Standards and Its Effects on Food Supply Chains

Vahid Mirza Beiki, Henrik Ringsberg
Proceedings of Logistics Research Network (LRN) conference, Cranfield, UK
Paper in proceeding

Effects of using smart goods on traceability information and carried out activities in supply chains of fresh food- a cross case analysis

Vahid Mirza Beiki, Henrik Ringsberg, Kenth Lumsden
proceedings of the NOFOMA conference, 2010, Kolding, Denmark
Paper in proceeding

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Spårbarhet för ökad leveranssäkerhet och logistisk effektivitet vid större terminaler för flygfrakt

Henrik Ringsberg Logistics & Transportation
Logistik- och transport stiftelsen LTS


Spårbarhet inom livsmedelsindustrin, en modell och fallstudie

Henrik Ringsberg Logistics & Transportation
Gunnar Stefansson Logistics & Transportation
Kristina Liljestrand Logistics & Transportation
Region Västra Götaland
Göteborgs Fiskauktionsförening



Henrik Ringsberg Logistics & Transportation
Gunnar Stefansson Logistics & Transportation

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