Marcus Rommel

Senior Research Engineer at Nanofabrication Laboratory
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Optical properties of plasmonic nanopore arrays prepared by electron beam and colloidal lithography

Bita Malekian, Kunli Xiong, Evan S.H. Kang et al
Nanoscale Advances. Vol. 1 (11), p. 4282-4289
Journal article

Large-Area Two-Dimensional Plasmonic Meta-Glasses and Meta-Crystals: a Comparative Study

Stefano De Zuani, Marcus Rommel, R. Vogelgesang et al
Plasmonics. Vol. 12 (5), p. 1381-1390
Journal article

Estimating the optimum dose for arbitrary substrate materials based on Monte Carlo simulated point spread functions

Marcus Rommel, Bengt Nilsson
Microelectronic Engineering. Vol. 155 (SI), p. 29-32
Journal article

Suppressed Percolation in Nearly Closed Gold Films

Stefano De Zuani, Marcus Rommel, Bruno Gompf et al
ACS Photonics. Vol. 3 (6), p. 1109-1115
Journal article

High-Order Hilbert Curves: Fractal Structures with Isotropic, Tailorable Optical Properties

Stefano De Zuani, T. Reindl, Marcus Rommel et al
ACS Photonics. Vol. 2 (12), p. 1719-1724
Journal article

Sub-10 nm resolution after lift-off using HSQ./PMMA double layer resist

Marcus Rommel, Bengt Nilsson, Piotr Jedrasik et al
Microelectronic Engineering. Vol. 110, p. 123-125
Journal article

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