Paulina Myrelid

Doktorand at Chalmers, Technology Management and Economics, Supply and Operations Management

Paulina Myrelid (formerly Rosenberg) is a doctoral student at the Division of Supply and Operations Management. Paulina carries out research in the research area of production logistics and she focuses on how supply chain information flows can be better utilized in companies’ manufacturing planning and control processes. The research is connected to a research project about turbulent environments. Paulina is also involved in the education at the Supply Chain Management Master Program.




Information quality deficiencies in delivery schedules and their impact on production scheduling

Paulina Myrelid
Production Planning and Control. Vol. 28 (3), p. 232-243
Journal article

Towards differentiated information sharing in supplier relations: Contextual considerations of information utilisation

Paulina Myrelid, Patrik Jonsson, Riikka Kaipia et al
Proceedings of the annual EurOMA conference 2017
Paper in proceedings

Supply chain information utilisation: conceptualisation and antecedents

Patrik Jonsson, Paulina Myrelid
International Journal of Operations and Production Management. Vol. 36 (12), p. 1769-1799
Journal article

Determinants of information quality in supply chains

Paulina Myrelid, Patrik Jonsson
Proceedings of the annual EurOMA conference 2015
Paper in proceedings

Supply chain information utilization – conceptualization and antecedents

Patrik Jonsson, Paulina Myrelid
Proceedings of the annual EurOMA conference 2014
Conference contribution

Delivery plan quality deficiencies and the efficiency of manufacturing planning and control

Paulina Myrelid, Patrik Jonsson, Carl Wänström
Proceedings of the 19th International EurOMA Conference, Amsterdam, July 2012
Paper in proceedings

Supplier consequences of variation in demand planning information: An automotive industry case study

Sara Kilicaslan, Paulina Myrelid
PLANs Forsknings- och tillämpningskonferens 2011, p. 39-52
Conference contribution

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Managing turbulence in production and supply networks

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Sustainable supply chain planning strategies

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