Sara Fogelström

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Gender Aspects in Driving Style and Its Impact on Battery Ageing

Evelina Wikner, Raik Orbay, Sara Fogelström et al
Energies. Vol. 15 (18)
Journal article

Optimal preventive maintenance scheduling for wind turbines under condition monitoring

Quanjiang Yu, Pramod Bangalore, Sara Fogelström et al

Analysis of wind turbines under harsh operation conditions

Anders Wickström, Håkan Johansson, Hamidreza Abedi et al
Other conference contribution

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Wind power with voltage-, and frequency support as well as island mode: In-operation demonstration of novel methods

Sara Fogelström Power grids and Components
Swedish Energy Agency


Power Väst 2021-2022

Sara Fogelström Power grids and Components
Swedish Energy Agency


Differences in the design and ageing of a vehicle battery depending on whether men or women are the dominating drivers

Evelina Wikner Electrical Machines and Power Electronics
Sara Fogelström Power grids and Components
Torbjörn Thiringer Electrical Machines and Power Electronics
GENIE, Chalmers Gender Initiative for Excellence
The Chalmers University Foundation

1 publication exists

Site-Adaptive Analysis Methods to Predict and Enhance Lifetime of Wind Turbines

Håkan Johansson Dynamics
Sara Fogelström Power grids and Components
Hamidreza Abedi Fluid Dynamics
Quanjiang Yu Applied Mathematics and Statistics
Michael Patriksson Applied Mathematics and Statistics
Lars Davidson Fluid Dynamics
Viktor Berbyuk Dynamics
Swedish Wind Power Technology Center (SWPTC)

8 publications exist

Demonstration and evaluation of new turbine blade and online performance monitoring

Ola Carlson Power grids and Components
Sara Fogelström Power grids and Components

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