Silver Jõemetsa

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Enhancing the cellular uptake and antibacterial activity of rifampicin through encapsulation in mesoporous silica nanoparticles

Paul Joyce, Hanna Ulmefors, Sajedehsadat Maghrebi et al
Nanomaterials. Vol. 10 (4)
Journal article

A Nanofluidic Device for Multiplexed Analysis of Single Exosomes

Quentin Lubart, Sune Levin, Stephan Block et al
Conference contribution

Molecular Lipid Films on Microengineering Materials

Silver Jõemetsa, Kiryl Kustanovich, Severin Schindler et al
Langmuir. Vol. 35 (32), p. 10286-10298
Journal article

Towards the Characterization of Biological Nanoparticles

Silver Jõemetsa
Licentiate thesis

Spatiotemporal Kinetics of Supported Lipid Bilayer Formation on Glass via Vesicle Adsorption and Rupture

Mokhtar Mapar, Silver Jõemetsa, Hudson Pace et al
Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters. Vol. 9, p. 5143-5149
Journal article

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