Hana Jungová

Researcher at Nano and Biophysics

I joined Chalmers in January 2016 and I am now employed as a researcher in Bionanophotonics group. I received my PhD in 2014 from the Charles University in Prague (Czech Republic). My doctoral studies focused on the development of optical biosensors and biomolecular assays for elucidating the biophysics and interactions of nucleic acids. As a postdoc in the group of Prof. Mikael Käll at the Department of Physics, Chalmers, I transitioned towards more advanced optical methods, such as optical tweezers, and novel nanophotonics systems for single-molecule detection and their applications for solving biophysical problems. I am a physicist by training, but my research has a strong multidisciplinary focus that combines physics with nanotechnology and biochemistry. My current research interests include light-induced forces on nanoparticles and the application of resonant nanoparticles in biomolecular sensing and nanomedicine.

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Nanoscale Inorganic Motors Driven by Light: Principles, Realizations, and Opportunities

Hana Jungová, Daniel Andrén, Steven Jones et al
Chemical Reviews. Vol. 120 (1), p. 269-287
Review article

Biomolecular charges influence the response of surface plasmon resonance biosensors through electronic and ionic mechanisms

Hana Jungová, Ludmila Jurgova, Katerina Mrkvova et al
Biosensors and Bioelectronics. Vol. 126, p. 365-372
Journal article

Surface Interactions of Gold Nanoparticles Optically Trapped against an Interface

Daniel Andrén, Nils Odebo Länk, Hana Jungová et al
Journal of Physical Chemistry C. Vol. 123 (26), p. 16406-16414
Journal article

Plasmonic versus All-Dielectric Nanoantennas for Refractometric Sensing: A Direct Comparison

Noemi Bosio, Hana Jungová, Nils Odebo Länk et al
ACS Photonics. Vol. 6 (6), p. 1556-1564
Journal article

Photothermal DNA Release from Laser-Tweezed Individual Gold Nanomotors Driven by Photon Angular Momentum

Hana Sipova, Lei Shao, Nils Odebo Länk et al
ACS Photonics. Vol. 5 (6), p. 2168-2175
Journal article

Antibody−antigen interaction dynamics revealed by analysis of single-molecule equilibrium fluctuations on individual plasmonic nanoparticle biosensors

Srdjan Acimovic, Hana Jungová, Gustav Emilsson et al
ACS Nano. Vol. 12 (10), p. 9958-9965
Journal article

Large-Scale Fabrication of Shaped High Index Dielectric Nanoparticles on a Substrate and in Solution

Ruggero Verre, Nils Odebo Länk, Daniel Andrén et al
Advanced Optical Materials. Vol. 6 (7)
Journal article

High index dielectric metasurfaces and colloidal solutions: From fabrication to application

Ruggero Verre, Nils Odebo Länk, Daniel Andrén et al
Journal of Physics: Conference Series. Vol. 1092
Paper in proceedings

A Route to Superior Performance of a Nanoplasmonic Biosensor: Consideration of Both Photonic and Mass Transport Aspects

Barbora Spackova, N. Scott Lynn, Jiří Slabý et al
ACS Photonics. Vol. 5 (3), p. 1019-1025
Journal article

Superior LSPR substrates based on electromagnetic decoupling for on-a-chip high-throughput label-free biosensing

Srdjan Acimovic, Hana Sipova, Gustav Emilsson et al
Light: Science and Applications. Vol. 6 (8), p. e17042-
Journal article

Gold nanorod rotary motors for ultra-sensitive DNA detection

Hana Sipova, Lei Shao, Mikael Käll
20th International Conference on Miniaturized Systems for Chemistry and Life Sciences, MicroTAS 2016, p. 1232-1233
Paper in proceedings

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