High index dielectric metasurfaces and colloidal solutions: From fabrication to application
Paper in proceeding, 2018

High index dielectric nanoparticles and meta-materials have been proposed for many different applications, including light harvesting, sensing and metalenses. However, widespread utilization in practice also requires large-scale fabrication methods able to produce homogeneous structures with engineered optical properties in a cost effective manner. Here, it is presented a facile fabrication method for silicon nanoparticles which is scalable to 4-inch wafers and can produce a wide range of nanoparticle shapes on demand. We also show that the fabricated nanoparticles can be detached from their support using a simple substrate removal technique and then transferred to colloidal suspension. We will finally discuss some uses of the fabricated systems. For the metasurfaces, we will demonstrate complete absorption due to far field interference effects. For the nanoparticles colloids we will show the possibility of realizing an intrinsically chiral structure composed of a low-loss dielectric resonator and we will study optical trapping phenomena for different particle sizes and shapes.


Ruggero Verre

Chalmers, Physics, Bionanophotonics

Nils Odebo Länk

Chalmers, Physics, Bionanophotonics

Daniel Andrén

Chalmers, Physics, Bionanophotonics

Hana Jungová

Chalmers, Physics, Bionanophotonics

Mikael Käll

Chalmers, Physics, Bionanophotonics

Journal of Physics: Conference Series

17426588 (ISSN) 17426596 (eISSN)

Vol. 1092 012158

3rd International Conference on Metamaterials and Nanophotonics, METANANO 2018
Sochi, Russia,

Subject Categories

Materials Chemistry

Other Physics Topics

Condensed Matter Physics



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