Tobias Ambjörnsson

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The resistomes of six carbapenem-resistant pathogens - a critical genotype-phenotype analysis

Anna Johnning, N. Karami, Erika Tång Hallbäck et al
Microbial Genomics. Vol. 4 (11)
Journal article

Facilitated sequence assembly using densely labeled optical DNA barcodes: A combinatorial auction approach

Albertas Dvirnas, C. Pichler, Callum L. Stewart et al
PLoS ONE. Vol. 13 (3)
Journal article

Unfolding of nanoconfined circular DNA

Mohammadreza Alizadehheidari, Erik Werner, C Noble et al
Biophysical Journal. Vol. 108 (2 Supplement 1), p. 231A-231A
Magazine article

Nanoconfined Circular and Linear DNA: Equilibrium Conformations and Unfolding Kinetics

Mohammadreza Alizadehheidari, Erik Werner, C. Noble et al
Macromolecules. Vol. 48 (3), p. 871-878
Journal article

Optical excitations in molecular aggregates

Tobias Ambjörnsson
Licentiate thesis

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