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Corrosion Properties of Thermally Annealed and Co-sputtered Nickel Silicide Thin Films

Eric Tam, Yu Cao, Urban Paul Einar Jelvestam et al
Surface and Coatings Technology. Vol. 206 (6), p. 1160-1167
Journal article

Galling related surface properties of powder metallurgical tool steels alloyed with and without nitrogen

Sepehr Hatami, Alexandra Nafari, Lars Nyborg et al
Wear. Vol. 269 (2-4), p. 229-240
Journal article

Corrosion behaviour of amorphous Ni-Si thin films on AISI 304L stainless steel

Eric Tam, Lars Nyborg, Urban Paul Einar Jelvestam
Materials at High Temperatures. Vol. 26 (2), p. 177-186
Journal article

XPS calibration study of thin-film nickel silicides

Yu Cao, Lars Nyborg, Urban Paul Einar Jelvestam
Surface and Interface Analysis. Vol. 41 (6), p. 471-483
Journal article

Effect of Temperature Gradient and Sulphur Dioxide Addition on Erosion-corrosion of Iron- and Nickel-based Alloys

Anna Nafari, Mats Norell, Urban Paul Einar Jelvestam et al
Materials at High Temperatures. Vol. 25 (1), p. 1-16
Journal article

X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy studies of indium tin oxide nanocrystalline powder

Bagas Pujilaksono, Uta Klement, Lars Nyborg et al
Materials Characterization. Vol. 54 (1), p. 1-7
Journal article

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