Magnus Urquhart

Doctoral Student at Vehicle Engineering and Autonomous Systems

Magnus Urquhart is a PhD student in the Road Vehicle Aerodynamics research group. His research project investigates the losses due to vortices around the wheels, underbody and wake of a passenger car.

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Surrogate-based optimisation using adaptively scaled radial basis functions

Magnus Urquhart, Emil Ljungskog, Simone Sebben
Applied Soft Computing Journal. Vol. 88
Journal article

Aerodynamic drag improvements on a square-back vehicle at yaw using a tapered cavity and asymmetric flaps

Magnus Urquhart, Simone Sebben, Max Varney et al
International Journal of Heat and Fluid Flow. Vol. 86 (108737)
Journal article

Vehicle wakes subject to side wind conditions

Magnus Urquhart
Licentiate thesis

Numerical Analysis of Aerodynamic Impact on Passenger Vehicles during Cornering

Erik Josefsson, Robin Hagvall, Magnus Urquhart et al
SAE Technical Papers. Vol. 2018-May (May)
Journal article

Numerical analysis of a vehicle wake with tapered rear extensions under yaw conditions

Magnus Urquhart, Simone Sebben, Lennert Sterken
Journal of Wind Engineering and Industrial Aerodynamics. Vol. 179, p. 308-318
Journal article

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