Vinh Tu

Doctoral Student at Material and Computational Mechanics

Vinh Tu is since 2019 a PhD student at the Division of Material and Computational Mechanics. His research project concerns the multi-scale and multi-physics Finite Element Analysis of damage in Lithium-ion batteries related to electric charging-discharging cycles. In particular, he is interested in the performance of structural battery composites, i.e. multifunctional composites with simultaneous load bearing and energy storing functionality.

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Computational homogenization of the electro-chemically coupled multi-scale transport of Li-ions in structural battery electrolytes

Vinh Tu, Fredrik Larsson, Kenneth Runesson et al
Proceedings in Applied Mathematics and Mechanics (PAMM). Vol. 20 (1)
Paper in proceeding

Performance of Bicontinuous Structural Electrolytes

Vinh Tu, Leif Asp, Natasha Shirshova et al
Multifunctional Materials. Vol. 3 (2)
Journal article

Finite Element Simulation of the Performance of a Structural Electrolyte

Vinh Tu, Leif Asp, Natasha Shirshova et al
Other conference contribution

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Modeling and calculation based homogenization of a porous medium with fluid transport in a network of propagating fractures

Ralf Jänicke Material and Computational Mechanics
Vinh Tu Material and Computational Mechanics
Swedish Research Council (VR)

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