Victor Vinas

Doctoral Student at Water Environment Technology

Victor Vinas is a Doctoral student in the Division of Water Environment Technology, research theme Hazards and risks for drinking water resources and treatment, at Chalmers.

His research focuses on the drinking water distribution network, specializing in quantitative microbial risk assessment and distribution network management. The goal of his project is to develop strategies to manage a water distribution network in the absence of extensive system data, in order to minimize health risks and costs.

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Spatial analysis of urban material stock with clustering algorithms: A Northern European case study

Paul Gontia, Liane Thuvander, Babak Ebrahimi et al
Journal of Industrial Ecology. Vol. 23 (6), p. 1328-1343
Journal article

Overview of microbial risks in water distribution networks and their health consequences: quantification, modelling, trends, and future implications

Victor Vinas, Annika Malm, Thomas Pettersson
Canadian Journal of Civil Engineering. Vol. 46 (3), p. 149-159
Journal article

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