Urban Wuensch

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Direct Measurement of Organic Micropollutants in Water and Wastewater Using Fluorescence Spectroscopy

Lesly Paradina-Fernández, Urban Wuensch, R. Bro et al
ACS ES and T Water. Vol. 3 (12), p. 3905-3915
Journal article

Unified understanding of intrinsic and extrinsic controls of dissolved organic carbon reactivity in aquatic ecosystems

Martin Berggren, François Guillemette, Magdalena Bieroza et al
Ecology. Vol. 103 (9)
Journal article

DOM Molecular Weight Fractionation and Fluorescence Quantum Yield Assessment Using a Coupled In-Line SEC Optical Property System

Blair Hanson, Urban Wuensch, Shelby Buckley et al
ACS ES and T Water. Vol. 2 (12), p. 2491-2501
Journal article

A simple method to isolate fluorescence spectra from small dissolved organic matter datasets

Urban Wuensch, Kathleen Murphy
Water Research. Vol. 190
Journal article

Mathematical chromatography deciphers the molecular a of dissolved organic matter

Urban Wuensch, Jeffrey Hawkes
The Analyst. Vol. 145 (5), p. 1789-1800
Journal article

staRdom: Versatile Software for Analyzing Spectroscopic Data of Dissolved Organic Matter in R

Mathias Pucher, Urban Wuensch, Gabriele Weigelhofer et al
Water. Vol. 11 (11), p. 2366-
Journal article

Temperature-dependent mechanisms of DOM removal by biological activated carbon filters

Nashita Moona, Urban Wuensch, Mia Bondelind et al
Environmental Science: Water Research and Technology. Vol. 5 (12), p. 2232-2241
Journal article

Emerging patterns in the global distribution of dissolved organic matter fluorescence

Urban Wuensch, Rasmus Bro, Colin A. Stedmon et al
Analytical Methods. Vol. 11 (7), p. 888-893
Journal article

Investigating Fluorescent Organic-Matter Composition as a Key Predictor for Arsenic Mobility in Groundwater Aquifers

Anna Ricarda Schittich, Urban Wuensch, Harshad V. Kulkarni et al
Environmental Science & Technology. Vol. 52 (22), p. 13027-13036
Journal article

Photochemistry Illuminates Ubiquitous Organic Matter Fluorescence Spectra

Kathleen Murphy, Stephen Andrew Timko, Michael Gonsior et al
Environmental Science & Technology. Vol. 52 (19), p. 11243-11250
Journal article

The Molecular Fingerprint of Fluorescent Natural Organic Matter Offers Insight into Biogeochemical Sources and Diagenetic State

Urban Wuensch, Evrim Acar, Boris P. Koch et al
Analytical Chemistry. Vol. 90 (24), p. 14188-14198
Journal article

Quantifying the impact of solid-phase extraction on chromophoric dissolved organic matter composition

Urban Wuensch, Jana K. Geuer, Oliver J. Lechtenfeld et al
Marine Chemistry. Vol. 207, p. 33-41
Journal article

Unraveling the size-dependent optical properties of dissolved organic matter

F. Guillemette, Urban Wuensch, Colin A. Stedmon et al
Limnology and Oceanography. Vol. 63 (2), p. 588-601
Journal article

The One-Sample PARAFAC Approach Reveals Molecular Size Distributions of Fluorescent Components in Dissolved Organic Matter

Urban Wuensch, Kathleen Murphy, C. A. Stedmon
Environmental Science & Technology. Vol. 51 (20), p. 11900-11908
Journal article

Fluorescence Quantum Yields of Natural Organic Matter and Organic Compounds: Implications for the Fluorescence-based Interpretation of Organic Matter Composition

Urban Wuensch, Kathleen Murphy, Colin A. Stedmon
Frontiers in Marine Science. Vol. 2 (November), p. 1-15
Journal article

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