Jorge Yannie

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Modeling Aging of Displacement Piles in Natural Soft Clay

Mats Karlsson, Jorge Yannie, Jelke Dijkstra
Journal of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering - ASCE. Vol. 145 (10)
Journal article

A procedure for determining long-term creep rates of soft clays by triaxial testing

H. P. Jostad, Jorge Yannie
European Journal of Environmental and Civil Engineering. Vol. In Press, p. 1-16
Journal article

Implementation of a Modified Anisotropic Creep Model with structure for soft soils with the Use of COMSOL Physics Builder

Mats Karlsson, Jorge Yannie
Proceedings of the 2016 COMSOL Conference in Munich
Paper in proceeding

Back-Calculation of Element Tests with a Rate Dependent Soft Soil Model

Jorge Yannie, N. Sivasithamparam
13th Baltic Sea Region Geotechnical Conference - Historical Experience and Challenges of Geotechnical Problems in Baltic Sea Region, p. 150-153
Paper in proceeding

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Re-use of pile foundations (RiPofF). Long term benefits for axially loaded pile foundations

Jelke Dijkstra GeoEngineering
Jorge Yannie GeoEngineering
Swedish Transport Administration


Long term Behaviour of Tension Piles in Cohesive Soft Soil

Claes Alén GeoEngineering
Peter Hedborg GeoEngineering
Jorge Yannie GeoEngineering
Aaro Pirhonen GeoEngineering
Göran Sällfors GeoEngineering
Swedish Transport Administration


Creep of Geomaterials (CREEP)

Mats Karlsson GeoEngineering
Amardeep Amavasai GeoEngineering
Jorge Yannie GeoEngineering
Jean-Philippe Gras GeoEngineering
Minna Karstunen GeoEngineering
Jelke Dijkstra GeoEngineering
Claes Alén GeoEngineering
European Commission (EC)

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