Katalysatorer för krävande miljöer
Forskningsprojekt , 2009 – 2013

The project will develop advanced catalytic coatings for: i) reduction of NOx in oxygen excess, allowing for energy efficient combustion ii) methane oxidation at low temperatures which is needed for natural and biogas combustion iii) harsh environments and high temperature applications Based on recent advances within in-situ surface structure characterization, experiments on monolith or powder catalysts and theoretical modeling, the project will, in addition, supply a hierarchic methodology for catalysts design. The general work plan in i) and ii) will be to prepare and evaluate a first generation of coatings. The structural and catalytic results together with developed theoretical understanding will form the basis of a second generation of catalysts. A validation of the targets obtained by the project will be performed as a final activity. The first activity (mainly theoretical) in iii) will be to identify fundamental materials properties that determine coating stability. An experimental synthesis and evaluation screening will be performed based on the theoretical study. A second generation of materials will be developed on the basis of further theoretical work and the results of the experimental screening. The expected results are a) catalytic coatings with performances significantly better than present formulations, b) a generic design method and c) theoretical models.


Magnus Skoglundh (kontakt)

Professor vid Chalmers, Kemi och kemiteknik, Tillämpad kemi, Teknisk ytkemi

Per-Anders Carlsson

Enhetschef vid Chalmers, Kemi och kemiteknik, Tillämpad kemi, Teknisk ytkemi

Henrik Grönbeck

Professor vid Chalmers, Fysik, Kemisk fysik

Hanna Härelind

Prefekt vid Chalmers, Kemi och kemiteknik, Tillämpad kemi, Teknisk ytkemi

Anders Hellman

Biträdande professor vid Chalmers, Fysik, Kemisk fysik


Lunds universitet

Lund, Sweden


Stiftelsen för Strategisk forskning (SSF)

Projekt-id: RMA08-0085
Finansierar Chalmers deltagande under 2009–2013

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