The clothesline approach to notions in participatory design
Paper i proceeding, 2016

We invite researchers and practitioners to bring a plurality of perspectives and expertise related to the use of problematic notions in participatory design. How could a change of notions affect our perspective on participation and design? The aim of the full day workshop is to apply a clothesline approach in order to identify and sort, wash and tumble, some of the notions used in the community, and air them for better alternatives. We will do this by 1) critically identifying why certain notions are or have been problematic, 2) elaborating on them to raise awareness of their possible interpretations and implications in order to find alternatives that are usable across different Participatory Design (PD) settings. The outcome of the workshop is to contribute to elucidate how notions and their connotations frame participatory design practice, hopefully in a joint workshop publication.

interaction design

Participatory design


Sara Ljungblad

Göteborgs universitet

Olof Torgersson

Göteborgs universitet

Eva Eriksson

Chalmers, Tillämpad informationsteknologi, Interaktionsdesign

Viktor Hjort af Ornäs

Chalmers, Produkt- och produktionsutveckling, Design and Human Factors

Irene Stewart Claesson

Lots Design

Martina Keitsch

Norges teknisk-naturvitenskapelige universitet

PDC'16 - Proceedings of the 14th Participatory Design Conference: Short Papers, Interactive Exhibitions, Workshops

vol 2 113-114


Informations- och kommunikationsteknik


Människa-datorinteraktion (interaktionsdesign)



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