Thermal conductivity measurement of densified carbon nanotube bundles by pulsed photothermal reflectance technique
Paper i proceeding, 2016

Carbon nanotubes (CNTs) were proposed as a promising interconnection material in future miniaturized electronics, owing to their exceptional electrical and thermal properties. A series of CNT bundles with 1 mm diameter were grown on silicon substrate by thermal Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) at temperature 700 oC. The as grown CNT bundles were densified by a vapor densification method. SEM analysis shows that the vapor densification is densified the CNT forests, which reduces the air volume fraction to increase thermal conductivity of the CNT bundles. The pulsed photothermal reflectance technique is applied to measure thermal conductivity of the CNT bundle before and after densification and the results show the thermal conductivity of densified CNT bundles increases and capability of making CNT filled through silicon via with better thermal and electrical performance.

Carbon nanotube


Thermal conductivity

Plused photothermal reflectance


Majid Kabiri Samani

Elektronikmaterial och system

Shuangxi Sun

Elektronikmaterial och system

Yifeng Fu

Elektronikmaterial och system

Per Rudquist

Elektronikmaterial och system

Johan Liu

Elektronikmaterial och system

IMAPS Nordic Annual Conference 2016 Proceedings