High-Temperature Oxidation of FeCr(Ni) Alloys: The Behaviour After Breakaway
Artikel i vetenskaplig tidskrift, 2017

The oxidation of an austenitic FeCr(Ni) steel at 600 A degrees C in H2O + KCl + O-2/H-2 + H2O + Ar environments is studied up to 168 h. The oxidation behaviour after "breakaway" is investigated by microstructural investigations, and thermodynamic calculations (Thermo-Calc) on the FeCr(Ni)-O system are used to interpret the results. The characteristic "breakaway" scale morphology exhibits an outward-growing iron oxide and a bottom layer consisting of inward-growing spinel oxide and reaction zones containing Cr-rich oxide precipitates and Cr-depleted metal. The equilibrium calculations show that a miscibility gap appears in the FeCr spinel oxide below 665 A degrees C influencing the microstructure of the inward-growing scale. Equilibrium calculations on the FeCrNi-O system show that Ni is not expected to enter the spinel oxide in low oxygen activity conditions, in accordance with observations.

Internal oxidation

Stainless steel

High-temperature oxidation

Breakaway corrosion


Torbjörn Jonsson

H. Larsson

Hamed Hoseini Hooshyar

Mohammad Sattari

Jan-Erik Svensson

Lars-Gunnar Johansson

Oxidation of Metals

0030-770X (ISSN) 1573-4889 (eISSN)

Vol. 87 3-4 333-341





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